PreWired Upgrade Kits

We offer prewired harnesses for most quality guitars. Using calibrated custom ordered pots and USA made switches, the factory soldered wiring is extremely organized and neat. This gives a better current flow for good tone and quiet electronics. The capacitors are LUXE or Mojotone High Quality caps.

Many players are finding modern Les Pauls to be dull sounding, and lacking in tonal character with many finding the pot tapers lackingl. This is all due to the use of inferior grade 300k linear taper pots. These pots can choke off the high-end, making the tone dull and "stuffy" rendering the pot tapers less than optimal. Modern wiring also tends to dampen the high-end.

For example the 50's style wiring, and the CTS 500k audio taper pots that are used in our kits help to give your guitar its maximum tone, while retaining high-end frequencies when turning down your guitar's volume controls. This is a vast improvement over the "modern" wiring, as it allows you to actually use your volume controls without your tone turning to mud. Like many things from the 50's, you'll wonder why they ever changed from it in the first place!

Do I need a long shaft or short shaft pot?

This is a common question we get in regards to Les Paul guitars as they do use both depending on the model. We recommend measuring the threaded portion of the pot you have if at all possible. If the threaded portion is 3/8" long, you need a short shaft potentiometer. If it is 3/4" long you need a long shaft pot. If you are unsure, then go with a long shaft pot because you can use an extra nut to adjust the length accordingly. For import guitars you may need to enlarge the holes for the higher quality US spec electronics to fit.

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