MOJO Pickups

Hand crafted pickups and electronics for guitars, made one at a time and tailored to your specification.

All pickups are hand / scatterwound like those from a bygone era and are crafted from the finest parts available


About Mojo Pickups

Mojo Pickups isn't a faceless corporation, a factory churning out containers full of clones at a hard negotiated unit price, it isn't even the plight of a once expert-turned-box-shifter and talking head, that you are more likely to see as the resident expert in a Guitar magazine than winding a pickup by hand.

It isn't any of those things, it is one man, Marc Ransley, who winds pickups the old fashioned way in the North of England, without any of the phoney Voodoo and half-truths you may have come to expect. Instead he brings something a little special that makes a real difference.

And that is the key to it all.

Back in the day, when the Baby Boomers were still young and a pride in your work wasn't about hitting targets or pointing the graph in the right direction, the first guitar pickups and the great, beautiful, beloved sounds they produced, came from magnets and wire that were put together by hand.

By real people... One at a time.

They were made by real people that had pride in what they were doing, whose pickups had something of themselves in among the thousands of turns of wire.

And if we're honest, most of the pickups were good, some of them were awful. But a few, a feted few were great, truly outstanding, because they had that certain something that you can't quite put your finger on, that extra 0.01% that makes the hair on your neck look to the stars.

Real people who had pride in what they were doing. And who all made pickups that had something of themselves in among the thousands of turns of wire.

Something special.

And that thing is what we think of as Mojo, the something special that you don't get cloned by a machine, that you can't create with a clever marketing campaign. That humanity you get from one person, winding one pickup at a time, is what we think Mojo is.

So if you want a pickup or some advice, you can talk to the person who will be winding the pickup that will make a real difference to your sound. You can have something special made specifically for you, to your requirements and all for a price that compares well against the mass-produced box shifters.

Something else that is pretty special in itself, don't you think?










Loaded Pickguards





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