Luxe Vintage Capacitors


Luxe Vintage Capaciors

Luxe Paper-In-Oil Bumblebee Capacitors .022mfd 400vdc. Handmade reproductions of the Bumblebee tone caps used by Gibson from 1956 to 1970.

Each of these is hand-cast in black epoxy, using moulds made from genuine Sprague Bumblebees. Many other firms offer reproductions of this -popular item, but these are the only ones in the world that not only have the correct, narrow, painted color bands but are also made with NOS Paper-In-Oil Russian Vitamin Qs. These have a smooth and creamy sound with a great response across the spectrum, with audible harmonics or “sparkle.” Only paper can really transfer a guitar signal to the best advantage and these 20 to 30 year old Russian Military surplus caps really deliver.

Gibson sound engineers decided early on that the 400 volt caps were best for sound and throughout the 1950s they used .02mfd and .022mfd 400vdc caps in their guitars. The caps used to make these reproductions are rated at .022mfd 400vdc. The foil and dielectric paper are hermetically sealed in metal and glass so the capacitance will not drift. They will last longer than your guitar and they are as close as you can get to a real Bumblebee without spending $200.

The leads on these are insulated with reliced cloth spaghetti tubing, the same style as the harness builders at Gibson used.

1950s wiring diagrams for the Les Paul and LP Jr. are included. Unless your guitar was built in the ‘50s you probably don’t have the vintage style wiring set-up needed to really give your tone controls a boost, and if you have a Jr. you won’t find this wiring diagram anywhere else. These are full sized drawings that you can lay right on the guitar while you work and just follow the pictures.

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Black Beauty Cap .022/400V 1960-1970

Luxe reproduction of the Famous Bumbel Bee Thin Oilfilm Cap. Used in Gibson Guitars from 1960-1970. Single Bumbel Bee. incl. Yellow cloth wire.

£29.90 (each)

Black Beauty Cap Set .022/400V 1960-1970

Luxe Paper-In-Oil Bumblebee Capacitors .022mfd 400vdc

£55.90 (pair)

Bumble Bee Cap .022/400V 1956-1960

Luxe Paper-In-Oil Bumblebee Capacitors .022mfd 400vdc Handmade reproductions of the Bumblebee tone caps used by Gibson from 1956 to 1960.

£29.90 (each)

Bumble Bees Caps Set 1956-1960

Luxe Paper-In-Oil Bumblebee Capacitors .022mfd 400vdc Handmade reproductions of the Bumblebee tone caps used by Gibson from 1956 to 1960.

£55.90 (pair)

Luxe Clothwire Spaghetti tubing varnished

This spaghetti tubing, a clear amber colour, rubber-coated cloth sleeve was common in the 1950's but is no longer manufactured. Gibson used this material to insulate short connections and jumper wires troughout the 1950's. Fender use this to insulate short connections and jumper wires into the early 60's. Lenght 1 FT (300mm)



Luxe Yellow Rubber-coated Cloth Spaghetti tubing

Another great and rare product for restoration and new construction like the real thing! Lenght 1 FT (300mm)



Luxe NOS #8 Black PVC Tubing

This type of black plastic tunbing was used by Gibson troughout the 50's and into the 60's to insualte the braided shield wire where it passed over the pots into the control cavity. This material is no longer manufactured, but our supplier found several reels in a electronic surplus warehouse. Rare stuff...Lenght 2FT (600mm)


Sprague Orange Drop

.047uF @ 100V Orange drop made specifically for guitars. They are perfect size at 100V.


Volume Mod.

This is simply a 220K resistor in parallel with a 471pf capacitor. Used on pre-wired guitar assemblies to preserve high end frequencies and improve the taper when rolling back the volume pot. The volume mods are soldered in parallel between the first and second lugs (2 open lugs) of the volume pot





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