Old Growth Rosewood Fretboards

We have a limited number of aged Rosewood Fretboards, with or without original Cellulose Nitrate 50's Trapezoid Inlays, Historic or Vintage

Cellulose Nitrate Inlays
(available in loose sets)

Our "Holy Grail" Fretboards are made of finest old growth Rosewood.....
....we found a nice bunch of nearly 30years old Rosewood

Vintage Scale 24 9/16/ 24.62 (625,35 mm)
Option Routed for org. Vintage Size NC Crown Inlays
12'' Fingerboard Radius
Size: Nut around 41mm (41,2) - 12th Fret around 51mm - 22th Fret 55,6mm - (23-24 Cutted total)
Thickness: Middle of Radius around 6,4mm

Important Notice about Rosewood Species

In case of the new Worldwide CITES regulation, we are not able to sell Parts made of ROSEWOOD Species out of EUROPE any longer from 1st February 2017.
Please contact your local dealer if outside Europe




Fretboard Blanks

air dried, over 30years old growth Rosewood...

Length: around 520mm, wide: around 75mm, thickness 10mm


Routed and Slotted Fretboards

Fretboard blanks air dried, over 30years old growth Rosewood... Routed for Vintage Trapezoid Inlays.

Click for choice of pattern and colour


Fretboards with Cellulose Nitrate Inlays

Vintage Scale 24 9/16/ 24.62 (625,35 mm)
with Vintage Size Nitrate Cellulose Crown Inlays made by Dave Johnson
12'' Fingerboard Radius
Size: 57mmby 500-520mm - (23-24 Cutted total)
Thickness: Middle of Radius around 6,4mm


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